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Find a place of calm, peace and wellness.

It's like Tai Chi in a box but so much easier, faster and achievable.

Is someone you love in pain, sick and suffering? Are you?

The most prestigious medical institutions in the world have studied the effects of Tai Chi and qigong on people who suffer everything from stress to pain to serious disease states. They've concluded that it's an effective and recommended treatment. Unfortunately, most people who are sick or suffering don’t have the kind of time or ability it takes to truly benefit from
Tai Chi’s deep healing.

The Serenity Box changes all that. We’ve taken the relaxation, pain relief,
and healing benefits Tai Chi and qigong are known for, and put them all into this powerful little Box. Just minutes each day mean you can feel better than you’ve ever imagined possible.

How a Tai Chi Master “put” Tai Chi into a Box

WholiSound’s patent-pending Acoustopathic™ technology creates a natural Wellness Response in your body as if you were doing Tai Chi or qigong.

Tai Chi works its wellness wonders by the movements you make with your body. It’s that simple and yet has a deep science behind it. Those fluid motions are generating imperceptible-to-the-ear sound waves and vibrations throughout your body. In turn, those “waves” are “talking” to your entire cellular system, telling it to calm down, relax, heal. And as we all know, pain, disease and illness start at the cellular level.

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of wellness through Serenity.

What better gift for a loved one who is suffering than a way to find relief from pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety and tension. A way to feel “normal” again after wondering if that was even possible anymore. A way to finally feel like they haven’t felt in years.